‘Mr. Nice’ in U.S. theaters June 3rd

Ahoy, America! According to Ology.com, Bernard Rose’s crime dramedy and Howard Marks-biopic Mr. Nice, which premiered in the UK last October, will be premiering in the U.S. this Friday, June 3rd. Chloë Sevigny appears in the film as Judy Marks opposite Rhys Ifans and David Thewlis. Be sure to check out if it’s playing in your area!

Chloë has also recently given a couple of new interviews promoting the film. Select quotations regarding the film from BlackBookMag.com

Have you read Judy’s blog?
No, I’m not really into the internet.

She says lovely things about you on it.
We didn’t meet until after I finished shooting the film, but we ended up bonding in Spain. I think Bernard [Rose, the film’s director] didn’t want me to become friendly with her because he didn’t want it to color my performance. He didn’t want me to become more sympathetic to her and to her children, even though I’d read all about it from the book.

[…] Were you at all apprehensive about having to do a British accent?
I was really scared of the accent, and I was so not confident about it. The filmmakers weren’t very specific. If they’d specified a certain type of English accent, then it would have been easier. Also, they didn’t really have a dialect coach for me to work with—they had a PA. They weren’t giving me the right training about how to move your mouth and where the right sounds are in your mouth, because it’s very technical. I did a film where I spoke mostly in French—Olivier Assayas’ Demonlover—and I learned all of that phonetically with a woman at a piano helping me find the tones. And I did a fucking smashing job.

[…] When you watch yourself in Mr. Nice, are you pleased with the performance? Are you your own harshest critic?
I am, yes, but Bernard made me look better than most people do. He was always bragging about that: “I make you look better than anyone else, I know your angles.”

… and Ology.com:

I was attracted to Rhys [Ifans]. Not as in I wanted to get in the sack with him, but I was attracted to him as an actor and as a human.

Unfortunately, I didn’t meet Judy until the very end. Bernard didn’t want me to meet her and I had to respect the director’s wishes, but now I wish I had been able to meet her sooner. I would have had more ideas to play with to humanize her more than just the long-suffering wife, which is always slightly humiliating.

I can’t smoke pot because I get The Fear. I get paranoid. But some of the other cast and crew members were partaking. Method acting.

He made me look better than anybody else has for a long time. He says high and to the left are my best angles.

That was in the script. There was a lot of discourse over that, because David is also in Harry Potter. Could he be in Potter and show his penis in another film, even if it was flaccid? There was a lot of back and forth.

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