‘Big Love’ episode 5.09 recap

[Bill: “You risked everything for your daughter. You didn’t cause this!”]
“I did…! She’s right. I am horrible! I’m worse than them! I’m worse than any of them!… They didn’t put the shame into her. JJ didn’t. Alby didn’t. My father didn’t. I did. Why would Heavenly Father have allowed that? He has forsaken us! He’s taken his love from us!”
– Nicolette “Nicki” Henrickson

Hope y’all have been tuning in to the last episodes of HBO’s Big Love. Here’s at last our recap of last Sunday’s episode; sorry for the delay, but we unexpectedly ran out of space this weekend and weren’t able to get that sorted until now. Anyway, onto today’s update, beginning with the HBO video recap of last Sunday’s episode 5.09 “Exorcism” from the HBO website:

So as always, any thoughts on the episode? Personally, Chloë Sevigny owned this one with her portrayal of Nicki. Nicki and Cara Lynn had a couple of absolutely heartbreaking but at the same time riveting moments in this episode, as did all the wives in their wives’ meeting in the early minutes of the show; my second favorite scene. To me the best scene last Sunday, though, was Nicki confronting Cara Lynn in her bedroom. After the show, I read a lot of comments online about how bad it was of Nicki to say those things to her daughter and how she was really talking about herself and not Cara Lynn. But although I don’t really disagree with that, I do think Nicki had a point; Cara Lynn is “a little manipulator,” as she’s admitted herself. The problem was the way it came out was like an older child blasting a younger, not a mother scolding a daughter; there was no motherly “guidance”, only blame. It’s a powerful scene.

But then Chloë was in fact really terrific throughout. Her expressions and movements were just spot-on hilarious e.g. when she noticed the boys were eyeing something going on outside the house while they were performing Margie’s song. Priceless and brilliant. I’m really going to miss Nicki and her mischievousness.

Media-wise, we’ve updated the gallery with 294 HD screen captures of Chloë as Nicki in the episode, as well as 10 site-exclusive video clips. Please remember you must be a registered and logged in media archive user to access our collection of video clips — unlogged users will not be able to view said material. All new videos are in .MOV format, which is playable in e.g. VLC and QuickTime.

So, this is it. The season and series finale is today. :,( Do not miss it.

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