‘Big Love’ episode 5.04 recap

[to Barb] “Let me get this straight. I made you so unhappy I drove you into the arms of Margene.”
– Nicolette “Nicki” Grant

As always, hope y’all remembered to tune in last night to the fourth Season 5 episode of Big Love. Here is the HBO video recap of episode 5.04 “The Oath” from the HBO website:

So what did you think of the newest episode? Personally, I really liked seeing Bill finally getting some of what’s been coming to him, even though he generally is a likable character. Chloë Sevigny was particularly strong in her scene with Alby and Adaleen (I really liked how Nicki stood up so sternly to her brother), and in fact everyone really turned in great performances last night. I do feel that Nicki’s taken a bit of a backseat drama-wise this season compared to the other wives (even though Chloë’s been brilliant throughout, and had some particularly terrific moments last night — “That’s not true. I desperately wanted to go!”, “… We do?” not to mention, “Please don’t talk to me! You hate me. I don’t want to talk to someone who hates me.” And did you see the way she looked at Barb’s sister Cindy? Priceless. :,D ), but at the same time it’s actually really great to finally see Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin shine in that department as well. And the ending of last night’s episode was just brilliant, boding interesting things for the remainder of the season… (I miss Ray Henry, though.)

Anyway, media-wise, we’ve updated the gallery today with 286 HD screen captures of Chloë as Nicki in the episode, as well as 10 site-exclusive video clips. Please remember you must be a registered and logged in media archive user to access our collection of video clips — unlogged users will not be able to view said material. All new videos are in .MOV format, which is playable in e.g. VLC and QuickTime. As always, hope you check back with us again next week for coverage from this Sunday’s episode!

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