Vincent Gallo talks ‘The Brown Bunny’

We’re back! And while we were gone, it looks like Chloë Sevigny’s interview in the recently published January 2011 issue of US Playboy‘s been making headlines.

Those who have read the interview will know that Chloë talked among other things a little bit about her experience starring in writer-director-star Vincent Gallo’s infamous film, The Brown Bunny (2003), and the uproar and harsh critique that followed her notorious oral sex scene with Gallo. Interestingly, Gallo himself has now opened up about Chloë’s involvement in the film to NY Post’s Page Six, as follows:

“Chloe and I were never boyfriend and girlfriend. In 1995 we made out once in Paris. I feel Chloe has suggested we were boyfriend and girlfriend to lessen the boldness of her appearance […] and to portray herself as a devoted girlfriend and victim rather than a great radical performer. Chloe brilliantly understood that the media would persist in thinking that she did it out of loyalty to me. […] I am sorry she feels the experience was so startling that she needs therapy to resolve her feelings.”

Peaches Geldof also had something to say to Chloë’s remarks about her in the issue, but who wants to know.

Well no, but purely for informational purposes ( ;) ), here’s what Geldof posted on the subject via Twitter:

Dear Chloe Sevigny. I noticed you made some catty remarks about me in the press. You and I both know the real reasons behind this, don’t we? (Dec 24)

-I now know you’re still not over it, which makes me feel sad for you. Don’t use public snide comments as a platform for your anger over MM. (Dec 24)

People hold grudges over the silliest things for a long time, sometimes almost two years, apparently. (Dec 24)

Anyone know what this “MM” might be?

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