Chloë at Annual MOCA “Artist’s Museum Happening” Gala

Yesterday, November 13, Chloë Sevigny and her good friend Liz Goldwyn attended MOCA’s Annual “Artist’s Museum Happening” Gala in Los Angeles, CA. Chloë, wearing Chanel Fall/Winter 2010, also posed for photographs with among others Big Love co-star Ginnifer Goodwin, actress Rose McGowan and contemporary artist Doug Aitken. The first 67 medium- and hi-res photos of Chloë at the event at our gallery; as always, more will be added as we find them!

Update Nov 16: The gallery has been updated with more than 45 new medium- and hi-res photos from this event.

New Photo Albums:

Appearances in 2010 > MOCA’s Annual “Artist’s Museum Happening” Gala on Nov 13

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