Chloë in ‘All Flowers in Time’ short film

News may have been slow this summer and fall, but it doesn’t look like Chloë’s been idling. According to the official website for Jonathan Caouette’s All Flowers in Time, Chloë Sevigny stars in the 13-minute short film. The bit premiered recently at the 48th New York Film Festival on September 30, attached to the South Korean film Oki’s Movie.

More from the All Flowers in Time website:

[Jonathan Caouette’s] latest short film, All Flowers in Time (2010) starring Chloë Sevigny, presents a mysterious and fantastical world where a Dutch television signal possesses young viewers, making them believe they can transform into other people or monsters. It will premier at the New York Film Festival in 2010, then go on to the London Film Festival and many others around the world. All Flowers in Time has begun its festival journey by winning the Grand Prix Canal+ for best short film at L’Étrange Festival in Paris.

Here’s a short but powerful teaser for the film via

Big thanks to Gianluca for the valuable heads-up!

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