Amanda Seyfried comments on Chloë’s ‘Big Love’ “slip”

As you can see, it’s been a quiet week news-wise. Here’s a small related article, however, that may be of interest to Big Love fans.

As many of you will surely remember, a couple of months ago Chloë Sevigny made headlines when she was cited in an online interview with The A.V. Club as having described the most recent season of Big Love as “awful”. As a result of the media frenzy that followed it, she later quickly retracted her comments in a statement/apology to Michael Ausiello @ Entertainment Weekly.

Although the fuss has long since died down, the subject was apparently brought up again in a recent Los Angeles Times interview with Chloë’s Big Love co-star Amanda Seyfried (aka. “Sarah”), who had the following thoughts to share on the incident:

And what does she have to say about her former cast mate Chloë Sevigny, who notoriously called the show’s fourth season “awful” and “very telenovela”?

“Oh, gosh,” she sighed. “We all make mistakes like that and say things that people take out of context. She was probably saying, ‘Oh, that’s awful,’ because she was probably envisioning herself on the show and saying how bad she thought she was. I don’t think she was saying anything bad about the show itself.”

As far as the 24-year-old is aware, Sevigny didn’t burn any bridges by making the remark.

“As long as she ties it up and calls everybody and apologizes for whatever she did, everybody’s cool,” Seyfried said. “She and the writers are all good. It’s not a big deal. I just felt so bad for her because I was like, ‘Ahh, it’s so easy to be in that situation.’ ”

Seyfried, who left the show as a series regular at the end of Season 4, also talks about why she departed from the show and hints at likely upcoming guest appearances.

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