HollywoodNews.com article from ‘Barry Munday’ SXSW premiere

We’ve found another interesting article today from last Saturday’s Barry Munday World Premiere from the ongoing SXSW 2010 festival in Austin, Texas.

HollywoodNews.com has an interesting piece on the film up on their website, with some new comments from the festival screening of the film from Chloë Sevigny and director Chris D’Arienzo regarding Chloë’s supporting role in the comedy as Jennifer Farley. According to the website, the film is currently seeking distribution.

Read the article in full at HollywoodNews.com; extract follows:

“I still don’t think I’m that comedic in this film,” Chloe Sevigny said with a laugh.

That’s not exactly what you want to hear from the star of a comedy. But Sevigny, in all honesty, might be the sixth or seventh funniest person in the all-star Barry Munday ensemble, which includes Judy Greer, Cybill Shepherd, Patrick Wilson, Malcolm McDowell, Missi Pyle, Colin Hanks, Christopher MacDonald, Kyle Gass, Jean Smart and Lando Calrissian himself, Mr. Billy Dee Williams.

And she’d be the first to admit that. “It was very challenging and very intimidating, especially because (co-stars Wilson and Greer) were so funny,” said Sevigny, an Oscar nominee and recent Golden Globe winner for her role on HBO’s Big Love. “I’ve been playing this character, Nicolette, (on Big Love) for so long that I’m so comfortable there. I hadn’t been doing a lot of films because of the schedule with HBO that then when I work on a film like Barry Munday, I am just terrified to be out of my comfort zone. I’m just, like, so scared!”

She overcame her fear to play Jennifer, the beautiful and flirtatious sister of Greer’s homely character, Ginger, in Chris D’Arienzo’s comedy. “For me, Ginger’s sister, Jennifer, needed to be the coolest person. And I was like, ‘Well, who is the coolest person?’ It’s Chloe,” said D’Arienzo.

But Sevigny was hesitant, even though she adored D’Arienzo’s screenplay about a woefully injured man (Wilson) who can’t remember impregnating a geeky woman (Greer). “I have never been in a kind of straight up comedy before,” Sevigny said. “But it’s something that I have been attracted to and have wanted to do for a long time, but haven’t had that many opportunities presented to me. When this one came around, I just jumped at the opportunity.”

I love the way Chloë always talks about her role on Big Love in this sort of introductory way, as if thinking no one’s ever heard of it… So cute and unassuming!

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