Chloë interviewed for New York Times Style magazine

Apologies for the delay in updates – things are just incredibly quiet with Chloë right now, and there have been no news on her for the longest time. Hopefully more regular updates will resume soon, once she becomes more active again.

Anyway, I do have a small treat for you today. Proenza Schouler’s designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough recently interviewed Chloë for the New York Times style magazine, T, and it is definitely one of her better interviews in my opinion. The interview is (naturally) quite fashion-oriented. Read full interview at, below is an excerpt:

When we were asked to be a part of this blog and interview some of the people who have been of inspiration to us, Chloë Sevigny was at the top of our list. Chloë seems to be able to use fashion as a form of self expression while somehow making it look effortless. This sense of confidence and willingness to take risks is a fascinating quality that has somehow enabled her to become one of the most iconic personalities of our generation. […]

What about fashion makes it so interesting to you? Is it another form of self-expression, of creating a character?
The huge amount of talent in fashion always blows my mind. There are so many perspectives and opinions. I find it limitless, and that’s what’s so fascinating. Plus, I love beautiful things.

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