Welcome back to Chloë Sevigny Online!

As the previous domain chloe-online.net expired rather unexpectedly a few weeks back I had to whip up a new domain and design from somewhere – a huge thank you goes to my ever lovely host Gertie of Fan-Sites.org for aquiring this domain for me – but Chloë Sevigny Online is now back up and running. :) At any rate, I think this is an appropriate time for a revamp, and thus you are viewing a temporary version of the site, now powered by the excellent WordPress.

Most of the revamping will take place backstage, but once I have successfully moved the gallery to the new domain, I will be posting new pictures on a regular basis – I have a large batch of exclusive Chloë photography sent in by the previous owner of the site, Amelie. ;) At any rate, I will be regularly posting news and updates regarding Chloë until I have finished the revamp. The gallery will most likely be returning later today or tomorrow! Ta ta for now, though!