Bill Paxton passes away at 61

We are incredibly sad to report that Bill Paxton has passed away at the age of 61. Paxton was a master performer who could easily slip into any role he played. He convinced as hero astronaut Fred Haise in Apollo 13, entertained as Private Hudson in Aliens, and dominated as the self-absorbed millionaire Elliott Vaughn … Continue reading Bill Paxton passes away at 61

‘Big Love’ series finale recap

“I don’t have one ounce of the milk of human kindness in me. I’m spiteful, jealous and mean…” – Nicolette “Nicki” Henrickson What a ride. What a conclusion. Hopefully everyone tuned in to the season and series finale of HBO’s Big Love last night. Here’s our last ever Big Love recap, of yesterday’s episode 5.10 … Continue reading ‘Big Love’ series finale recap

Big Love: End of Days — cast and crew bid farewell to the series

As HBO & co. prepare to bid adieu to Big Love with tonight’s season and series finale, the network has published this terrific half-hour special about the making of the show, in which the cast and crew talk about the series and what it’s been like to bring it to a close. Featured in the … Continue reading Big Love: End of Days — cast and crew bid farewell to the series

‘Big Love’ episode 5.09 recap

[Bill: “You risked everything for your daughter. You didn’t cause this!”] “I did…! She’s right. I am horrible! I’m worse than them! I’m worse than any of them!… They didn’t put the shame into her. JJ didn’t. Alby didn’t. My father didn’t. I did. Why would Heavenly Father have allowed that? He has forsaken us! … Continue reading ‘Big Love’ episode 5.09 recap

‘Big Love’ episode 5.08 recap

“You do have a choice. You do, Alby. Remember that early spring when papa wouldn’t let us go swimming because it was too cold? We went anyway, and I waded in too deep and the current swept me away. But you ran in and pulled me out. Do you remember?… Same blood runs through our … Continue reading ‘Big Love’ episode 5.08 recap