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Publicist: Amanda Horton, ALH PR
Talent Agent: Stephanie Ritz, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Manager: Danny Sussman, Brillstein Entertainment Partners

Please note that Chloë Sevigny Online is not in touch with Chloë or her representatives. Trust and believe, we wish we were. ;)


• If you’d like an autograph from Chloë, please remember to attach a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) to your letter with which to send the reply.

• If you are an international fan, you’ll want to look into International Reply Coupons at your local post office as well, as an SASE alone is often insufficient due to the need to include mint foreign stamps.

• If you want an autographed photo from Chloë, please remember to attach a photo of her to your letter and request an autograph. However, please bear in mind the possibility of the letter getting lost in the mail. If your photo is particularly rare or valuable (to you), rather than sending the original we suggest you send a copy of it for Chloë to sign.

• Please be patient as it might take up to several months before you get a response and international mail can be particularly slow. Keeping your letter short and concise might increase your chances of getting a response.

For more information on Self-Adressed Stamped Envelopes and International Reply Coupons, make inquiries at your local post office. You might also find these Wikipedia-pages useful to you:

Wikipedia: International Reply Coupons
Wikipedia: Self-Adressed Stamped Envelope

Chloë Sevigny
c/o Danny Sussman
Brillstein Entertainment Partners
9150 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 350
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Social Media

Follow Chloë Sevigny on social media at:

Instagram: chloessevigny (not verified by Instagram, but confirmed by Chloë as hers)
Twitter: OfficialChloeS (verified by Twitter)

Please note that Chloë Sevigny has no other (public) social media accounts. Any other accounts anywhere purporting to be her are therefore fake.

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