Electric Slide

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Premiered: April 22nd, 2014 at Tribeca Film Festival
Directed by: Tristan Patterson
Genre: Action, Biography, Crime, Drama
MPAA Motion Picture Rating: Rated R for language, some sexual content/nudity and brief violence


Jim Sturgess … as Eddie Dodson
Isabel Lucas … as Pauline
Patricia Arquette … as Tina
Christopher Lambert … as Roy Fortune
Chloë Sevigny … as Charlotte
John Doe … as Detective Bill Holiday
Will McCormack … as Detective Fred Mercury
Susan Park … as Marilyn D
James Ransone … as Jan Phillips
Megalyn Echikunwoke … as Jean
Vinessa Shaw … as Mimi
Constance Wu … as Mika Oh
Lacey Hannan … as Roy’s Little Girl

Status: Out on VOD.

Memorable Charlotte Quotations
Said of Electric Slide
Electric Slide Trivia
Critical Reception
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From iTunes:

In 1983, LA is full of beautiful girls, luxurious mansions, and glamorous parties. Eddie Dodson is living the high life. When Eddie meets the cool and aloof Pauline, the attraction is instant and the two live out each other’s fast-paced fantasies until Eddie’s high-rolling life catches up with him and loan sharks start knocking on his door. To pay off his debts, Eddie and Pauline begin a spree of bank robberies across LA, charming tellers at over 60 banks to hand over the cash. Now the two are not only on the run from loan sharks but also have the police hot on their trail in the charged up Electric Slide.

Chloë Sevigny appears in the film in a small supporting role as Charlotte, Eddie’s ex-girlfriend.

Memorable Charlotte Quotations

Eddie: “You know, I was in the neighborhood, so… I thought I’d just drop by.”
Charlotte: “I’m off to Normandy. Working with Pierre on a new project.”
Eddie: “Well, then, when are you coming back?”
Charlotte: “You can’t stay here if that’s what you’re thinking. We make a rather ludicrous pair, you and me. For God’s sake, I mean… You sell furniture for a living. I’ve had Edwin pack whatever you left behind here. You can keep the suitcases, they’re old Louis Vuittons. By the way, have you paid Roy the money you owe him?”
Eddie: “Yeah, you know what, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that… I mean, there have been threats of violence.”
Charlotte: “You should ask Tina for the money. I’m sure she could spare a fifty.”

Charlotte: “Having a good time?”
[Eddie starts.]
Eddie: “Ah! Oh, hey. I… I didn’t know you were here.”
[Awkward silence.]
Charlotte: “… Business? Business is good?”
Eddie: “Yeah, busi– Business is great.”
[Another awkward silence.]
Eddie: “Yeah, I’m in love.”
Charlotte: “I’d love to meet her. Is she here?”
Eddie: “No, you know, she kinda had some things going on, just, uh…”
[Charlotte turns around.]
Charlotte: “Oh, Alan! There you are!”
[Charlotte leaves Eddie by himself.]

Said of Electric Slide

Select quotations regarding the film from Chloë Sevigny and her co-workers: Coming soon/not available.

Electric Slide Trivia

Trivia coming soon/not available.

Critical Reception

Electric Slide was not well-received during either its festival circulation or theatrical run. The film was lambasted by critics for being overly aesthetic, humorless and uninteresting, and some also questioned whether Jim Sturgess was really the best choice to portray the film’s charismatic bank robber.

Rating: Internet Movie Database: 4.6/10 with c. 200 user votes counted
Rating: MetaCritic: 37/100 metascore, “Generally unfavorable reviews”
Rating: Rotten Tomatoes: 14% positive reviews (“Rotten”)

Excerpts from professional reviews:

“You’ve watched lovers on the run from the authorities, lovers on wild crimes spree, and the recent indie ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’ even reversed the paradigm, setting the doomed paramours exploits after the crimes had taken place, tracking the ensuing fallout. So you’ve seen this narrative a hundred times, and yet someone can always make this archetypal genre feel fresh all over again. Not here, however. You’ve never seen this story rendered so flaccid, vapid and uninspired as you will with the deeply unfortunate ‘Electric Slide’. [—] A senseless ‘Bonnie & Clyde’-style riff without rhyme or reason, ‘Electric Slide’ barely justifies its existence it’s so facile, familiar and tedious (it’s also deeply enamored with ‘Breathless’ which it actually has the characters watching at the beginning of the movie; the Richard Gere version, obviously). A hollow pastiche of contrived and artificial hipness –seemingly pilfering from any decade despite the 1980s-setting — ‘Electric Slide’ is so bloody desperate to exhibit an air of cool it sweats out the sides with a phony, staining exhaust. Directed by Tristan Patterson (the 2011 documentary ‘Dragonslayer’), the ill-conceived ‘Electric Slide’ is a garish collection of disparate ideas in an attempt to capture the effortlessness of these irreverent and stylish criminals. But there are literally zero characters or plot beyond the very basics. Every character is the height of shallow, stupid or coarse (including the leads), so any kind of identification or sympathy is gone instantly. Never much of a dynamic or interesting lead actor, Jim Sturgess’ bafflingly affected performance — a mishmash of fey, slow-witted, vaguely Southern and possibly narcotic-induced, it’s hard to tell what he’s actually going for — is risible and pointedly insufferable. You don’t root for this pompous, half-wit character; you actively want him to get mashed by an errant tow truck on LaBrea, man.”
– Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist

“Early on in Tristan Patterson’s film about the true-life ‘Gentleman Bank Robber’ Eddie Dodson, the protagonist is seen watching the film Breathless. Not the classic Jean-Luc Godard version, mind you, but rather the ill-conceived remake directed by Jim McBride starring Richard Gere. It’s historically accurate, since Electric Slide is set in 1983, but it only emphasizes the hollow emptiness of this faux New Wave-style crime drama that placing style over substance to an enervating degree. [—] Featuring flashy sunbaked visuals, period-perfect costumes and sets, and a hip, ’80s-infused pop soundtrack that features songs by the likes of the Psychedelic Furs, Depeche Mode and X — amusingly, the detective relentlessly pursuing him is played by the latter band’s John Doe — the film never manages to achieve the dramatic tension or satiric social commentary to which it aspires. Patterson’s slack direction is the chief culprit, although the miscast Sturgess’ endlessly mannered, dull performance is no help. The gorgeous Lucas is equally ineffective, making her bombshell character even more blank than necessary. As shallow as the period in which it’s set, Electric Slide is strictly low wattage.”
– Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“The soundtrack for Electric Slide oozes throwback Eighties cool: Suicide, X, Gang of Four, Psychedelic Furs, Depeche Mode. The music has a gloriously dark sheen and undeniable pulse. The film itself, despite being based on a larger-than-life true story, is limp and anemic. [—] Directed by Tristan Patterson, this is part love letter to the Eighties (nightclubs, fashion, music), part half-baked character study of Dodson, and part reheated Bonnie and Clyde love story. All of it is enervated. Patterson seems more concerned with getting the surfaces right (costume design, production design) than tapping any of the adrenaline that should be pumping through bank robberies, love scenes, and confrontations with barking loan sharks — adrenaline we should feel even if the protagonist is meant to be cucumber-cool. Jim Sturgess as Dodson is meant to be a charismatic, effete dandy. He merely comes off creepy. Vinessa Shaw, Chloë Sevigny, and Patricia Arquette are utterly wasted in nothing parts.”
– Ernest Hardy, Village Voice

Awards & Nominations

Electric Slide has received no awards or award nominations.

Chloë Sevigny Online

Please note that the opinions expressed below are all 100% our own, not those of Chloë Sevigny or anyone affiliated with either her or the rest of the cast or crew.

Oh, dear. The reviews when Electric Slide came out were harsh, but I’m sorry to say I don’t particularly disagree with any of them. Although highly stylized (and stylish), an actual point or purpose, or just anything to hang on to for 95 minutes, is hard-found in this film. Jim Sturgess feels very miscast as he affects a voice for his character which, rather than charming or charismatic, chiefly makes him come off as a creeper, while Isabel Lucas’s Pauline appears to have been written into the film only to look waifish and ethereal in line with the film’s hyperaesthetic environments. Only Patricia Arquette is a real standout here as she commits to her colorful, Desperate Housewives-type character, and I wish the film had featured more of her loud and lively Tina. Any other scenes I generally struggled to get through.

Considering the near-top billing, Chloë Sevigny’s character is a disappointment as well. Although she looks beautiful — like the rest of the movie — her character is very small, appearing no more than 4-5 minutes altogether, and doesn’t really serve a purpose in the larger developments of the film. She looks great and does a fair job with what she has to work with, but other than that there’s not much here to prompt a rewatch for me. -Admin

Our rating of the movie: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Our rating of Chloë’s performance: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Electric Slide Online

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