We’re not bad people, but we did a bad thing.

Aired: Seasons 1–3 released 2015–2017 on
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Network: Netflix
Series Creator(s): Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman


Kyle Chandler … as John Rayburn
Ben Mendelsohn … as Danny Rayburn
Linda Cardellini … as Meg Rayburn
Norbert Leo Butz … as Kevin Rayburn
Jacinda Barrett … as Diana Rayburn
Jamie McShane … as Eric O’Bannon
Enrique Murciano … as Marco Diaz
Sissy Spacek … as Sally Rayburn
Brandon Larracuente … as Ben Rayburn
Taylor Rouviere … as Jane Rayburn
Chloë Sevigny … as Chelsea O’Bannon (S1 & 2 recurring guest, S3 regular)
Katie Finneran … as Belle Rayburn
Sam Shepard … as Robert Rayburn

Status: Series complete. Seasons 1–3 streaming on Netflix.

Memorable Chelsea Quotations
Said of Bloodline
Bloodline Series Trivia
Critical Reception
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“Bloodline” is a dramatic thriller that explores the demons lurking beneath the surface of a contemporary American family. The Rayburns are hard-working pillars of their Florida Keys community. But when the black sheep son comes home for the 45th anniversary of his parents’ hotel, he threatens to expose the Rayburns’ dark secrets and shameful past, pushing his siblings to the limits of family loyalty.

Chloë Sevigny appears in a recurring role in Seasons 1 through 3 as Chelsea O’Bannon, Danny’s alluring love interest and Eric’s sister.

List of Episodes:

Chloë Sevigny appears in the following episodes of Bloodline:

Season 1 (March 20th, 2015)

Episode 1.01 “Part 1”
Episode 1.02 “Part 2”
Episode 1.03 “Part 3”
Episode 1.04 “Part 4”
Episode 1.05 “Part 5”
Episode 1.06 “Part 6”
Episode 1.07 “Part 7”
Episode 1.08 “Part 8”
Episode 1.09 “Part 9”
Episode 1.10 “Part 10”
Episode 1.11 “Part 11”
Episode 1.12 “Part 12”
Episode 1.13 “Part 13”

Season 2 (May 27th, 2016)

Episode 2.01 “Part 14”
Episode 2.02 “Part 15”
Episode 2.03 “Part 16”
Episode 2.04 “Part 17”
Episode 2.05 “Part 18”
Episode 2.06 “Part 19”
Episode 2.07 “Part 20”
Episode 2.08 “Part 21”
Episode 2.09 “Part 22”
Episode 2.10 “Part 23”

Season 3 (May 26th, 2017)

Episode 3.01 “Part 24”
Episode 3.02 “Part 25”
Episode 3.03 “Part 26”
Episode 3.04 “Part 27”
Episode 3.05 “Part 28”
Episode 3.06 “Part 29”
Episode 3.07 “Part 30”
Episode 3.08 “Part 31”
Episode 3.09 “Part 32”
Episode 3.10 “Part 33”

Memorable Chelsea Quotations

From episode 1.02 “Part 2”:

[Chelsea throws little stones at Danny until he stirs.]
Chelsea: “Well, if it isn’t the lesser of two evils.”
[Danny chuckles.]
Chelsea: “Haven’t you learned to stay away from your brother?”
Danny: “You’re looking good, Chels.”
Chelsea: “Only by comparison. Coz you look like shit.”
[Danny laughs.]
Chelsea: “Big news about your family. Is that why you’re in town?”
Danny: “It was why. Whys change.”
Chelsea: “Your dad must be proud.”
Danny: “Yeah. Big day for all of us.”
Chelsea: “Want some coffee?”
Danny: “Yeah.”
Chelsea: “Only got instant.”
[Chelsea walks away, then flashes her butt to Danny. Danny laughs.]
Danny: “You are looking good!”

Chelsea: “So what’d my brother do now?”
John: “I don’t know, you tell me.”
Chelsea: “Look, I’m trying to play cool, John, but I don’t like that you’re here.”
John: “Oh, and why would that be?”
Chelsea: “Since my brother got out, I swear, he’s trying. Parole officer even put a couple of gold stars on the fridge.”
John: “Do you know where my brother Danny is?”
Chelsea: “I don’t wanna get anyone in trouble.”
John: “Neither do I. My dad’s in the hospital, I need to talk to him about some stuff.”
Chelsea: “He slept here last night. But he left early, took his stuff, and I haven’t seen him since.”
John: “Oh. Coz I know Eric called in to work sick and he’s not here, so that probably means he’s not sick. Probably means he’s with Danny. So you don’t know where they are?”
Chelsea: “No. I don’t know.”
John: “Don’t do that.”
Chelsea: “Do what?”
John: “Don’t bullshit me. Look, I’m not trying to jam up your brother here. You know he’s breaking his parole, don’t you? You talk to me this once, nobody has to know anything. You care about Eric, you don’t want him to get in trouble. Where are they?”
Chelsea: “I have no idea, Detective.”
John: “God damn it. Well, maybe if you find anything out you can give me a call, huh?”
Chelsea: “Well, I wish I could call even if I didn’t.”
John: “That’s great.”
[John leaves.]
Chelsea: “Prick.”

From episode 1.03 “Part 3”:

[Chelsea rides Danny’s bicycle around the front yard.]
Chelsea: “Nice wheels!”
Danny: “Yeah. Borrowed them from my brother.”
Chelsea: “I thought you were leaving town?”
Danny: “Couple of things to do.”
Chelsea: “I was afraid we wouldn’t get a chance to play together.”
Danny: “Mm-hmm.”
[Chelsea goofs around on the bike.]
Danny: “Oh, careful, careful.”
Chelsea: “John came by here yesterday.”
Danny: “Oh yeah? Whatcha tell him?”
Chelsea: “I told him you spent the night.”
Danny: “Anything else?”
Chelsea: “What else could I tell him? I don’t know what you boys are up to.”
Danny: “Who says we’re up to anything?”
Chelsea: “Boys are always up to something. That’s what makes you so fun.”
Danny: “I’m gonna need this back.”
Chelsea: “I heard your dad’s in the hospital, sorry about that.”
Danny: “Thanks, Cece.”
[Danny gets on the bike.]
Chelsea: “No one calls me that anymore. Better not leave town without saying goodbye!”

[Danny and Chelsea are playing billiards.]
Chelsea: “It’s a pretty easy shot.”
Danny: “Shh! Quiet.”
Chelsea: “I’m just saying. Hard to miss.”
Danny: “You not think I know what you’re doing?”
Chelsea: [laughs] “Okay, I’ll shut up.”
[Danny tries to concentrate on his shot.]
Chelsea: “I mean, seriously, a kid could–“
[Danny shoots and misses.]
Danny: “Oh, shit. Look what you did. Are you fucking happy now? Feeling pretty good about yourself, huh?”
Chelsea: “It’s just a little mind control. I’m in your head, Rayburn.”
[Danny chuckles.]
Chelsea: “I own you.”
Danny: “Oh, yeah? Okay, what am I thinking about? No, right now. What am I thinking about?”
Chelsea: “Ummm… That you’re gonna get me another drink?”
Danny: “Oh, no, no.”
Chelsea: “Yes.”
Danny: “No. No, no, no, no, no. I gotta work in the morning.”
Chelsea: “Why do you work there?”
Danny: “It’s the family business.”
Chelsea: “Well, they don’t deserve you. John won’t let you see my brother? Fuck him.”
Danny: “No, John’s okay. He’s just John. He can’t help it, it’s like a fucking disease. No, it’s my little sister I gotta watch out for.”
Chelsea: “Why?”
Danny: “Weren’t you in her class?”
Chelsea: “She was a year below me.”
Danny: “Did you ever hang out with her?”
Chelsea: [scoffs] “Are you fucking kidding?”
Danny: “What does that mean?”
Chelsea: “Look, I don’t wanna talk shit about Meg. I mean, she never did anything to me personally, it’s just… You know, she was the kind of girl other girls like to hate.”
Danny: “Phew! Really? Why would anyone not love my sweet little sister?”
Chelsea: “Because all the boys liked her.”
Danny: “I don’t remember this.”
Chelsea: “It was in high school, you were gone. She had a fucking army of boyfriends. She just kept trading them up for a hotter guy.”
Danny: “Hey, what about the guy she’s with now?”
Chelsea: “What about him?”
Danny: “They’ve been together a long time.”
Chelsea: “And he’s gorgeous, and they’re not married yet. Why do you think?”
Danny: “Don’t know.”
Chelsea: “Coz no one’s ever good enough for her. Just like the rest of your family. You gonna get me that drink?”
Danny: “Yeah. Yeah, I’ll get you a drink, Cece.”

From episode 1.05 “Part 5”:

[Chelsea and Eric arrive at Robert Rayburn’s memorial service.]
Danny: “Hey.”
Eric: “Sucks, bro.”
Chelsea: “Is that all you can say? He just lost his dad.”
Danny: “Don’t worry about it, it’s okay. But you guys didn’t have to come.”
Eric: “Come on. You kidding?”
Chelsea: “When something’s lost, something else is gained.”
[Eric scoffs.]
Chelsea: “I know it sounds like bullshit, but I believe it.”
Danny: “Yeah. Thanks, Chel. Thank you.”

Sally: “How’s your mother?”
Chelsea: “She’s not so great.”
Eric: “She’s got those tubes coming out of her nose, and she’s wheeling around a tank like a poodle on a leash.”
Sally: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”
Chelsea: “She would’ve liked to have been here, though.”
Eric: “Wouldn’t have been fair to you, though. She’d pretty much be hammered by now, so…”
Chelsea: “It’s a disease.”

Kevin: “Hey, I danced with you one time. No?”
Chelsea: “I don’t think so.”
Kevin: “No, no, we did! We totally did. Frog Baylor’s house party, um… You remember that douche bag? Uh, early ’90s… Uh, what was that fucking song? Uh, uh, uh…”
Chelsea: “I don’t remember.”
Kevin: “Was your hair pink?”
Chelsea: “I… It was.”
Kevin: “It was pink. It was a lovely shade of fuchsia, as I remember.”
Chelsea: “I don’t think we dan– I think I would’ve…”
Kevin: “Fuck it. Danny’s friends were always the most fun anyway, right? Can we get a drink please?”
Danny: “Hey, I’m tired. I’m gonna go home, okay?”
Kevin: “Noooo…!”
Danny: “No, I gotta go. No, I’m tired, brother. Tired. Yeah.”
Kevin: “Come here. Come here.”
[Kevin hugs Danny.]
Kevin: “My brother.”
Danny: “Oh, man. Fucking hell. Come on. Take care.”
Kevin: “I will.”
Chelsea: “Sorry about your dad.”
Kevin: “Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. We should have that dance again. As soon as we can.”
[Chelsea and Danny leave.]
Kevin: “Hey, dude, are they fucking together?”
Eric: “Uh, that is not my business. Nor is it yours.”
Kevin: “Whoa.”

Chelsea: “Hey. You can stay, you know.”
Danny: “Yeah, that’s not what this thing is.”
Chelsea: “What thing?”
Danny: “You and me.”
Chelsea: “Look, I didn’t say it was anything. I just said you could stay.”
Danny: “Thanks, Cece. Night.”

From episode 1.06 “Part 6”:

[Danny is urinating on the street, drunk out of his mind. Chelsea has come to take him home.]
Danny: “Who the fuck is that?”
Chelsea: “Jesus, Danny.”
Danny: “What the fuck are you doing here?”
Chelsea: “Tricia called me.
Danny: “Who’s Tricia?”
Chelsea: “The bartender. Come on, she thinks someone should take you home.”
Danny: “No.”
Chelsea: “Come on, I got you. Let me take you home. Come on, Danny. Get in the car.”
Danny: “Fuck off, man. Fuck off me.”
Chelsea: “Danny, you need help, right now. Come on. Let me help.”
Danny: “Why? Because you care?”
Chelsea: “Yeah, I do. I do care. Come on, get in the car.”
Danny: “Let me tell you something. I’m not your way out, I’m not your fucking lifeline. And you sure as shit are not mine.”
Chelsea: “Yeah, no shit.”
Danny: “Okay? So let me make this nice and simple for you. Now’s the time you say to me ‘Fuck off’, I say to you ‘Fuck off’, and we’re done. Okay? Say it. Say it… Say it!! Don’t want to play the fuck off game? Okay, try this. I don’t care about you. You don’t mean anything to me. And if I mean something to you, you mean less… than nothing… to me.”
Chelsea: “Why are you doing this?”
Danny: “This is what I do.”

Kevin: “Oh, hey. Morning.”
Chelsea: “Hey. I see you’re still celebrating.”
Kevin: “Oh, yeah.”
[Both laugh.]
Chelsea: “Your freedom.”
Kevin: “Yeah, yeah, my freedom. Sorry about that.”
Chelsea: “No worries.”
Kevin: “No, I’m, uh… You know what? I am. I am celebrating. I’m celebrating the fact that this is the greatest country in the world. Guess how much it costs to get a divorce online.”
Chelsea: “I don’t know.”
Kevin: “Just take a gander.”
Chelsea: “No idea.”
Kevin: “Just take a guess. Throw out a number. I’ll tell you what, you come within 20 bucks and I’ll buy you a drink.”
Chelsea: “Uh… Two hundred dollars?”
[Kevin blares.]
Kevin: “A hundred fifty-nine. Close enough, you can still have your drink — and! And — you can do it all in under an hour. Who knew? What are you drinking? Anything you want.”
Chelsea: “This is my lucky day.”
Kevin: “That’s right.”
Chelsea: “I never win anything.”
Kevin: “Well…”
Chelsea: “Um…”
Kevin: “I mean, obviously, nothing imported, but…”
Chelsea: “Obviously.”
Kevin: “And it– it also has to be a beer, in a can. But, you know.”
[Both chuckle.]
Kevin: “Um, can I ask you something? Are you and, um, ahem, my brother…?”
[Chelsea pauses.]
Chelsea: “Yeah, I don’t know.”
Kevin: “Okay.”
Chelsea: “You know what? I’ll have what you’re having.”
Kevin: “Sounds good.”

From episode 1.07 “Part 7”:

Eric: “What the fuck was that all about?”
Chelsea: “Is it really your business?”
Eric: “Did you spend the night with that asshole?”
Chelsea: “What do you care?”
Eric: “Well, I care because Captain Fucking Rayburn is the douchiest shitbag in that whole fucking family.”
[Chelsea shrugs.]
Eric: “You did. Well, that’s good. That’s goo– What the fuck are you gonna tell Danny?”
Chelsea: “Nothing.”
Eric: “Nothing? No, he’s not gonna find out, right?”
Chelsea: “I don’t care if he finds out.”
Eric: “That’s my best fucking friend we’re talking about here, you know?”
Chelsea: “Your best friend made it perfectly clear that he wanted nothing to do with me. So save your fucking lectures for someone else. Why don’t you start looking for your own place, too?”

Chelsea: “It’s fucking late, you know that?”
Danny: “Is it too late for me to apologize to you? I was… such an asshole.”
Chelsea: “Yeah, you were. A really big fucking asshole.”
Danny: “And I don’t wanna be that. Not… not to you.”
Chelsea: “Then don’t.”
Danny: “I know about you and my brother.”
Chelsea: “Yeah, it was fucking stupid, but it happened, so…”
Danny: “It’s okay. It’s okay.”
Chelsea: “It’s not like you have a right to tell me who I can be with.”
Danny: “No. No, I don’t. Sometimes things happen… and you get clear in your mind. You know who you are. You know what you want. And you know what you have to do. So I’m gonna be around for a while. If you decide you can forgive me, I’d love it if you’d call. Hey… You and your brother. You’re the closest thing I got to family.”

From episode 1.09 “Part 9”:

Danny: “Oh, Marco, you’re about to be a married man. You can’t be flirting like that.”
Chelsea: “It’s called being a gentleman.”
Danny: “Oh, is that what it is? Yeah. I gotta work on that a little bit.”

Danny: “Only thing I know about romance is you gotta be mysterious. You gotta have some secrets. Right? I mean…”
Chelsea: “Are you keeping secrets from me?”
Danny: “Oh, baby, I got a million of them. A million of them.”

From episode 1.10 “Part 10”:

Chelsea: “Sorry I’m late. Patient had a seizure ten minutes before my shift ended.”
Danny: “Inconsiderate asshole.”
Chelsea: “Right?”
Danny: “Hey, let me… let me send this back. Get you some fresh ones.”
Chelsea: “No. No, I’m good. It’s fine.”
Danny: “Hey. So, uh… seeing your mom really brought back memories.”
Chelsea: “I wanted to talk to you about that. She told me you stopped by.”
Danny: “Yeah, I… I thought I could help out with the rent.”
Chelsea: “Rent, and then some. Look, it’s really generous, but she’s not your responsibility.”
Danny: “Is she yours? Coz I remember growing up, she was horrible to you two.”
Chelsea: “Yeah, no argument there.”
Danny: “Then why are you doing it?”
Chelsea: “I mean, look at her. Does my mother look happy to you? She got a shitty life and she’s miserable.”
Danny: “Exactly. So, what’s that got to do with you?”
Chelsea: “She tried. And if you… If you give someone control over your happiness, you’re fucked. Which is why I can’t accept this.”
[Chelsea gives Danny his money back.]
Chelsea: “Where’d you get all that loot, anyway?”
Danny: “Just working at the inn.”
Chelsea: “No way.”
Danny: “Well, my dad left me some money.”
Chelsea: “I’m sorry. I can’t go down that road again.”
Danny: “What road?”
Chelsea: “The one I went down with my brother. With my ex-husband. I can’t be with you if you’re heading for trouble.”
Danny: “No, you don’t have to worry about that.”

From episode 1.11 “Part 11”:

Kevin: “Hi. Hey.”
Chelsea: “Your brother isn’t here.”
Kevin: “Yeah, I know. I saw his truck wasn’t here, I figured.”
Chelsea: “Is this gonna be weird?”
Kevin: “No. No, it’s not… Well, yeah, it’s gonna be a little weird, I guess. [chuckles] Um… Listen, I just– I have a question for you. Did you ever talk to my brother about you and me?”
Chelsea: “No, I didn’t. But he talked to me about it.”
Kevin: “Yeah? What did he say? Did he seem, you know, pissed off, or? Because he sure said some shit to me the other night. And, uh…”
Chelsea: “And what?”
Kevin: “I still don’t know who fucking attacked me, Chelsea.”
Chelsea: “What? And you think it was Danny? Seriously?”
Kevin: “I don’t know. What do you think?”
Chelsea: “Look, he may not like you and… he’s got plenty of reason for the way you all treat him. But believe me, I know violent guys and Danny isn’t one of them.”
Kevin: “Okay.”

From episode 1.12 “Part 12”:

Chelsea: “Eric told me you left.”
Danny: “I did.”
Chelsea: “Without saying goodbye?”
Danny: “Well, I’m back now. Ahem.”
Chelsea: “What’s going on, Danny?”
Danny: “I don’t know. What’s going on?”
Chelsea: “You’re in trouble, aren’t you?”
Danny: “It’s just, uh… It’s family bullshit. It’s… But we probably shouldn’t have too much contact in the next little while.”
Chelsea: “Then why are we talking?”
Danny: “Well, I just gotta figure this shit out with John. Then everything’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be fine, I’m not gonna have to leave anymore.”
Chelsea: “You really believe that, don’t you?”
Danny: “Yeah, I just gotta chill that family out.”
Chelsea: “No, you don’t. You just need to forget them.”
Danny: “Can I borrow your car?”
Chelsea: “Why?”
Danny: “Just for a couple of days. Please, Cece. For real.”
[Chelsea gives Danny her car keys.]
Chelsea: “I learned a long time ago you can’t save people from themselves. They either figure it out on their own or they don’t.”
[Chelsea turns to leave, but Danny grabs her and kisses her.]
Chelsea: “It needs gas.”

Said of Bloodline

Select quotations regarding the show from Chloë Sevigny and her co-workers: Coming soon/not available.

Bloodline Series Trivia

Trivia coming soon/not available.

Critical Reception

Upon its 2015 premiere, Bloodline received mixed but generally favorable reviews. Although critics were divided on the show’s slow pace and complicated story, the performances of all the cast — including that of Chloë Sevigny — were almost universally hailed as the main attraction of the show.

Rating: Internet Movie Database: 8.4/10 with c. 9,700 user votes counted
Rating: MetaCritic: 75/100 metascore, “Generally favorable reviews”
Rating: Rotten Tomatoes: 74% positive reviews (“Fresh”)

Excerpts from professional reviews:

“Things move slow in Florida, especially down in the Keys, swampy and tropical and swaddled in salty breezes. But there’s something attractive about that slowness, isn’t there? Something arresting about the creeping way that darkness can invade these balmy backwaters? Well, Netflix hopes so. Because the streaming service’s new series Bloodline, which premieres tomorrow, definitely needs some time to seep into your veins. But once it has, it’s hard to shake. [—] It’s also a treat whenever Chloë Sevigny, playing a local gal with ties to Danny, shows up. She’s got the metallic edge this show needs. I worry that IMDb only credits her for three episodes, though. I hope the series has bigger plans for her.”
– Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

“But the true star of this heated-up series, which is by turns promising and frustrating, cinematic and claustrophobic, is Ben Mendelsohn. With a flawless American accent, the Australian actor plays black-sheep brother Danny, the slippery guy who’s always creating messes that John has to clean up. […] ‘Bloodline’ is from the creators of ‘Damages,’ Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, and Daniel Zelman, and it operates somewhat like that FX legal drama. The narrative occasionally flashes forward to a stormy night in the future and a troubling event that I won’t spoil here. I’m assuming that when we finally arrive at that rain-soaked event, it will occur for different reasons than we’re guessing now. I’m also assuming that we’ll feel differently about some of the characters by then, as the writers open up the family’s history and continue to play with our expectations. Perhaps John isn’t the morally solid guy we think he is, based on Chandler’s square-jawed face and his previous roles? […] The lead actors in ‘Bloodline’ are all up to the challenge of this gripping tone, and even the secondary actors, including Chloe Sevigny as a woman who flirts with Danny, stand out. It’s binge-worthy, make no mistake. But still, a few well-placed casual moments among family members would help, so that the story can breathe a bit, and so can we.”
– Matthew Gilbert, The Boston Globe

“Perhaps one of the show’s best qualities is the pace at which the audience begins to learn the truth. The tension grows like humidity in the tropics — the stickiness in the air builds until a torrential rain falls on the earth. The mystery is so tantalizing, it’s hard not to try and connect the dots on your own. […] Spacek and Danny’s friend Chelsea O’Bannon (Chloe Sevigny) knock out spectacular performances, even if their moments on screen are brief. And Rayburn sister Meg (Linda Cardellini) does a fantastic job weaving the burdens of trying to please everyone into her own struggles with morality.”
– Emily Canal, Forbes

Awards & Nominations

Bloodline has received 1 award nomination.


• Critics’ Choice TV Award (2015): Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Ben Mendelsohn)

Chloë Sevigny Online

Please note that the opinions expressed below are all 100% our own, not those of Chloë Sevigny or anyone affiliated with either her or the rest of the cast or crew.

Technically, I don’t particuarly disagree with any of the main critiques Bloodline received upon its debut. The show definitely starts off slow, anticipating and contemplating every development as they come and often so much so that it quite frankly borders on watching someone complete a 5,000-piece puzzle. The reveals are ultimately worth the wait, however, culminating in the two final episodes of Season 1 which are nothing short of dramatic (though not altogether satisfying, personally).

But while I enjoyed the naturalistic dialogue and the foreshadowing that underlies every new development, it’s the performances that are the real strength of the show. Ben Mendelsohn particularly is nothing short of superb throughout Season 1 as the troubled, troublesome Danny, and Linda Cardellini emerges through her thankless portrayal of what is a somewhat unsympathetic character as one of television’s most underrated actresses. If for nothing else, give the show a chance to see these actors at what I believe is their finest.

Chloë Sevigny, too, puts in one of her best performances here. Although Chelsea is not quite at the heart of the show, serving more to develop the story and character of Danny than any of her own, Chloë fleshes out her character to its fullest extent. Chelsea is approachable from the get-go, and both her decisions and the emotions and rationale by which she makes them make sense to the viewer. Although the main cast received the bulk of the attention at the time of the premiere, Chloë was praised by every critic who did make a note of her performance — and rightfully so. Setting yourself and your more inconsequential supporting role apart from one of the main characters of the show (and an actor, Mendelsohn, who absolutely shines in the portrayal) isn’t easy, but Chloë pulls it off like I don’t think anyone else could have, and it’s performances like this why I’m a fan. -Admin

Our rating of the show: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Our rating of Chloë’s performance: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Bloodline Online

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