Gallery offline pending overhaul

Since CSO launched in 2003, a lot of things have changed – truly, been revolutionized. Technology has made incredible strides, websites have become more professional and website management more complicated. Even fan sites are no longer what they once were; small fan tributes on the limited but growing “world wide web”. From the beginning, we’ve … Continue reading Gallery offline pending overhaul

New look at Chloë Sevigny Online

Hey guys! As you will have noticed by now, we have a whole new look at Chloë Sevigny Online! :) The new layout features an illustration of Chloë (by yours truly ^_^) as well as a photo from Chloë’s Número Tokyo feature from 2007 as the background. We’ve been working hard to make the new … Continue reading New look at Chloë Sevigny Online

Welcome to Chloë Sevigny Online, version 16!

Yo! We’re back, and sooner than expected as well. Welcome to the new version of Chloë Sevigny Online!… Yeah, was about time for a change, wasn’t it? ;) Hope you like the new look and, most importantly, hope it works (at least mostly) the way it’s intended to. Some things you need to know about … Continue reading Welcome to Chloë Sevigny Online, version 16!