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“The umlaut isn't on my birth certificate. I had this book as a child called Chloë and Maude, and there was an umlaut on the e, and I said, I want that! It's a little flair. Just to confuse people even more. People always come up to me and say, Oh, you're Chloë Se-VIG-ny, right? Sevigny. Number seven, letter e.”
— From Esquire, January 2009

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Note: Chloë Sevigny is on Twitter under the account @OfficialChloeS. The account has not yet been verified, but seems real.

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Note: This account has not yet been verified, but seems real.


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In post-production.
Director: Tara Subkoff
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Role: TBA


Filming in Sudbury, Ontario.
Director: Danny Perez
Genre: Horror
Role: Sadie

Black Dog, Red Dog

Premiered at Sundance FF 2014.
Director: NYU students
Genre: Drama
Role: Ali

Electric Slide

In U.S. theaters April 3rd.
Director: Tristan Patterson
Genre: Bio, Crime, Drama
Role: Charlotte

Little Accidents

Out on DVD April 21st.
Director: Sara Colangelo
Genre: Drama
Role: Kendra Briggs

Love & Friendship

Filming in Dublin, Ireland.
Director: Whit Stillman
Genre: Period drama
Role: Alicia

• Television •
American Horror Story: Hotel

Coming October 2015.
Genre: Horror, Drama
Network: FX Networks
Role: TBA


Season 1 on Netflix.
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Network: Netflix
Role: Chelsea O'Bannon

Dr. Del

Pilot begins filming April in LA.
Genre: Drama
Network: TBD
Role: Brandy Sommers

The Cosmopolitans

Pilot pending update from Amazon.
Genre: Comedy
Network: Amazon
Role: Vicky Frazier

Those Who Kill

Canceled by A&E.
Genre: Crime, Drama
Network: A&E, Lifetime
Role: Catherine Jensen

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Chloë Sevigny book
Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

— Chloë Sevigny

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Archive for the ‘‘The Brown Bunny’’ Category

Great new interview with Chloë Sevigny on the V Magazine website, in which Chloë talks about among other things the new Chloë book, Kids, The Brown Bunny and Vincent Gallo and being “sort of” engaged (congrats, Chloë!!). Extracts below:

What have you gotten criticism for?
CS: When Brown Bunny came out, there was a real puritanical press onslaught. They dragged me over the coals. Doing something transgressive like that, it was kind of inevitable, starting off with Kids. I love Vincent [Gallo] as an artist. We’re not friends anymore, which kind of makes me sad. Maybe we will be again one day. Now that I’m getting old, though, it’s hard to see people you haven’t seen in a while because everybody ages so much and I don’t want him to see me older. But yeah, other than that, people love to say that snide, “She’s so indie, cooler-than-cool” stuff. I don’t take offense to any of it.

What’s your favorite page in the book?
CS: The prom page. I went with my first boyfriend when I was a freshman and he was a senior, and when I was a senior, I went with Joey, my boyfriend then. I’m still friends with him. I’m godmother to his son.

Who are the photographers you worked with most often?
CS: We got all the fashion heavy hitters, Mario [Sorrenti], Steven Klein, Albert Watson, [Michael] Thompson, Glen [Luchford], Juergen [Teller], Ryan [McGinley], Mert & Marcus, Craig McDean, Annie Leibovitz—she gave us permission to use some Polaroids, which is really surprising because she’s normally so controlling over her images. My friend Rita Ackermann, she’s a painter, and she was making some clothes, and [Marcelo Krasilcic and I] did a whole shoot for them and the photos were never published anywhere. I ran almost every photo from that shoot [in the book]. But Terry Richardson, Mark Borthwick, and Inez & Vinoodh are the ones who have photographed me the most consistently over the years.

You still work with Terry, right?
CS Yeah. I love him. That whole controversy is mired in…yeah.

I see a ring. Are you engaged?
CS: It’s sort of an engagement.


Good interview with Chloë Sevigny by The Daily Beast from last August in which Chloë talks about working with Whit Stillman, moving to Brooklyn, her upcoming style retrospective “Chloe Book”, and her thoughts on her work in Kids and The Brown Bunny today. Full article on The Daily Beast or under the cut.

Chloe Sevigny on ‘The Cosmopolitans,’ New York’s Frat Boy Takeover, and ‘Asshole’ Michael Alig

The star of ‘Kids’, former NYC club fixture, and fashion icon has reunited with Whit Stillman for a new Amazon series, and is shooting another on Netflix. Over lunch with Marlow Stern, she opened up about her wild life.

Due to some heavy traffic — summer, tourists — I’m five minutes late to my interview with Chloe Sevigny, the actress/city girl/fashionista. The setting she’s chosen is Balthazar, Keith McNally’s chic SoHo bistro, and it couldn’t be more fitting.

We’re here to discuss her role in Whit Stillman’s The Cosmopolitans, a half-hour pilot made for Amazon Studios that will premiere on Amazon Instant Aug. 28. It centers on a group of American expatriates in Paris, played by Adam Brody, Sevigny, and Carrie MacLemore, and is populated by Stillman’s usual brand of upper-class sophisticates, which he coined the Urban Haute Bourgeoisie — basically, the type of people who’d frequent a place like Balthazar.

Upon entering, I spot Sevigny seated in the back, feasting on a plate of oysters, a goat cheese salad, and iced tea. The 39-year-old is looking very summery — you can scope her outfit here, since the Daily Mail apparently snapped her moments after we parted ways — and in good spirits. She whips out her phone and shows me a picture of models clad in fitted hats and T’s sporting the label “Tri-State Represent” on them. It’s part of a fashion line she’s doing with Opening Ceremony that’s launching Sept. 11. “It’s a play on those annoying, white caps that say Syracuse Lacrosse,” she says, laughing. “I think it’s hilarious. We always called all the preppy kids in high school white caps.”

Sevigny grew up Darien, Connecticut, but would go into Manhattan on the weekends. In 1992, she was spotted by Sassy magazine, and became a model/intern for the fashion rag. Then, after graduating high school in ’93, she moved to the city — shaved head and all — and grew into a nightlife fixture, frequenting the Gatien-operated hot spots like Limelight and Tunnel. The following year, Jay McInerney wrote a glowing, 7-page feature on her in The New Yorker dubbed “Chloe’s Scene,” anointing her one of the “coolest girls in the world,” and the year after that, she starred as Jennie, a troubled teen in the zeitgeisty indie film Kids, written by her close pal (and later boyfriend) Harmony Korine. She received an Oscar nod for her gripping turn in 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry, and took home a Golden Globe award for the HBO series Big Love.

Continue reading…

Much as we suspected, Chloë Sevigny’s recent visit to Terry Richardson’s studio has translated into a magazine feature, as Chloë is featured on the cover of the August issue of Out, a gay and lesbian fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle magazine. Check out the cover and a couple of small preview pics of the inside images in our gallery, and the full article on

Some excerpts from the article:

“I was worried people would be angry that they didn’t cast a real person who was transitioning [for the part of Mia in Hit & Miss],” she says. “I asked why they didn’t, and the producers said they didn’t find the right person. It’s a big responsibility toward that community, and I wanted to do them right.” The show’s writer, Sean Conway, was more categorical. “I don’t think anyone else could have played the part,” he says. “She’s hypnotizing and perfectly balances the tender with the brutal. I could watch her forever.”

[…] “Being around the men on set, being naked, and having that on, I just felt insecure and uncomfortable. Plus the process to put it on was very involved. I had to shave myself, it’s glued on, painted, like any prosthetic. It’s not fun to have someone right up in your private parts,” she deadpans before letting out her hooting laugh, a signature Chloë-ism. “I think the root of why I was so upset with having it on was that I wasn’t fully trusting of the producers and directors,” she admits. “Now I can rest assured, because I’ve seen it, and it’s not gratuitous. It shouldn’t be a show about a fucking penis.'”

[…] “People expect me to say I regret Brown Bunny, but I won’t.”

[…] “Sevigny denies that she’s the clotheshorse she’s made out to be, but does, in fact, know her place in the fashion food chain. For the British premiere of Hit & Miss she requested about 20 dresses for consideration, but only received two. “Aren’t I one of the top searches on, for crying out loud?” she says with mock disgust. “How hard is it to get a fucking dress from Valentino?” When it’s noted that that quote will definitely make it to print, she clasps her hands together and lets out a raspy laugh.”

More on

New Photo Albums:

Magazines in 2012 > ‘Out’ (US) August 2012 Scans
Photoshoots in 2012 > Photoshoot #006

Chloë Sevigny was on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour earlier today to talk about her new miniseries Hit & Miss. Listen to the full interview below:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

We’re back! And while we were gone, it looks like Chloë Sevigny’s interview in the recently published January 2011 issue of US Playboy‘s been making headlines.

Those who have read the interview will know that Chloë talked among other things a little bit about her experience starring in writer-director-star Vincent Gallo’s infamous film, The Brown Bunny (2003), and the uproar and harsh critique that followed her notorious oral sex scene with Gallo. Interestingly, Gallo himself has now opened up about Chloë’s involvement in the film to NY Post’s Page Six, as follows:

“Chloe and I were never boyfriend and girlfriend. In 1995 we made out once in Paris. I feel Chloe has suggested we were boyfriend and girlfriend to lessen the boldness of her appearance […] and to portray herself as a devoted girlfriend and victim rather than a great radical performer. Chloe brilliantly understood that the media would persist in thinking that she did it out of loyalty to me. […] I am sorry she feels the experience was so startling that she needs therapy to resolve her feelings.”

Peaches Geldof also had something to say to Chloë’s remarks about her in the issue, but who wants to know.

Continue reading…

Interesting article and interview with Chloë Sevigny from The Guardian, in which she talks a lot about herself as well as her film work. It’s an honest article with some really nice, candid quotations from Chloë on both her career and her life in general. Full article under the cut.

Chloë Sevigny: The Interview

In the identikit world of the Hollywood leading lady, Chloë Sevigny defies convention. Her quirky looks, iconic sense of style and fearless approach to acting have made her the often controversial queen of the indie movie. Here she reveals why she regrets nothing.

Chloë Sevigny’s laugh is deep and honking, like a seal drunk on punch. Once I’ve heard it, I’m slightly preoccupied with the thought of hearing it again. First laugh: at the image of the “right man” eventually falling into her lap, “Like: ‘Whoops!'” Second laugh: the thought of asking sex advice from her mother, Janine. Third: remembering Jay McInerney following her round Manhattan like a smell, researching the seven-page New Yorker profile of Sevigny, then 19, where he wrote that she was “the coolest girl in the world”, the phrase that was, in turn, to follow her round for the rest of her life.

Continue reading…

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