Chloë in ‘The Sunday Times’ May 13 issue

Even more from the UK press — Chloë Sevigny is featured in the May 13 issue of The Sunday Times. The article naturally focuses on Chloë’s work in the upcoming Hit & Miss miniseries and is perhaps the best of all the recent ones on Chloë so far overall, so be sure to give it a read either via the digital scans in our gallery or on the Sunday Times website.

Extracts from the article:

“I think it might be one of the most extreme roles I’ve done, yes,” Sevigny says in a languid East Coast drawl, her hair back to blonde from Mia’s deep brown.

It’s not just that you believe Sevigny as Mia in Hit & Miss — once you see it, she’s the only actress you could imagine in the role.

“I cried every day when they put [on the prosthetic penis]. You know, I’m ample-chested and I have this on. I felt very exposed, and it was hard, very hard, having people so close to your personal parts anyway — who you’re not sleeping with — for an hour and a half each day, to put it on. Then looking in the mirror… it was weird. I was lonely and I felt really unattractive. I was confused about my desirability — was I desirable? — in having that put on, and having men see me with that on.”

Self-awareness and self-promotion don’t tend to play well together, but Sevigny can’t, or won’t, stop saying what she thinks. An example: ostensibly, she’s talking to me to promote her Paul Abbott TV show, yet she says straightaway that she had never heard of him when she signed up for Hit & Miss, and has never met him.

So how about a little fun in future roles? “It depends, of course, on script, director, blah, blah, blah, but yes, I would love to do something comedic, or something big and actiony or romantic. I love all that. I went to see Jane Eyre, the Mia Wasikowska one, recently. It was so beautiful — a little boring, but so beautiful. I would die to be in something like that.”

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