Hi-res scans from ‘The Face’, ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ and more 1996-2005

Seeing as news continues to be slow, we’ve updated the site with another batch of rare, hi-res site-exclusive scans from various Chloë Sevigny magazine features from the years 1996-2005, replacing any medium-res scans we may have previously had up on the site. Hope you enjoy!

New & Updated Photo Albums:

Magazines in 1996 > ‘The Face’ (UK) May 1996 Scans
Magazines in 1997 > ‘Spin’ (US) November 1997 Scans
Magazines in 1997 > ‘Surface’ (US) Issue 11 1997 Scans
Magazines in 1999 > ‘Ray Gun’ (US) July 1999 Scans
Magazines in 2000 > ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ (US) June 2000 Scans
Magazines in 2003 > ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ (US) September 2003 Scans
Magazines in 2004 > ‘Premiere’ (US) March 2004 Scans
Magazines in 2005 > ‘Strut’ (Ca) Summer 2005 Scans

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