Chloë at ‘Life and Death of Marina Abramović’ After Party in Salford

A bit of news from Manchester: Chloë Sevigny was photographed at the Life and Death of Marina Abramović Opening Night After Party in Salford, UK on July 9. A pic of a very much brunette Chloë at the event with Marco Brambilla and Tino Seghai has been uploaded to the gallery, thanks to artnet.

Sweet lady also sent us a note via email that Chloë was spotted at the “Off with Their Heads” Clubnight at Islington Mill in Salford last Friday:

She came to the night as she said she is a big fan of the artist David Medalla who was taking part in the event.

She looked around the various exhibition in the Mill and watched bands Organ Freeman, Bonjay and Ting Tings then stayed chatting with people and dancing until the small hours.

Chloë is currently filming the six-part miniseries Hit and Miss in Manchester, UK. If you spot her filming somewhere in the area or just generally out and about, please drop us a line at contact[@]! Thank you.

New Photo Albums:

Appearances in 2011 > ‘The Life and Death of Marina Abramović’ Opening Night After Party on Jul 9

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