‘Big Love’ episode 5.06 recap

“We’ve been tested. But things are gonna be better now.”
– Nicolette “Nicki” Grant

As always, hope everyone was able to tune in last Sunday to the sixth Season 5 episode of Big Love. Here is the HBO video recap of episode 5.06 “D.I.V.O.R.C.E.” from the HBO website:

So what did you think of the new episode? Personally, this wasn’t one of my favorite episodes this season. Although Bill in particular had some terrific moments (and I also loved seeing Lois and Frank come together peacefully at last, not to mention seeing Nicki have that beautiful little moment with Cara Lynn), overall I felt a lot of the character relationships just got too complicated in this episode. Cara Lynn’s story with her teacher in particular not only feels far-fetched (in this particular situation), but bodes a similar over-the-top climax as Nicki and her mother had with J.J. & co. over his medical meddling. (I love the name of the new church, though. “The New Assembly of Mormon Pioneers”.)

Media-wise, though, we’ve updated the gallery today with 193 HD screen captures of Chloë Sevigny as Nicki in the episode, as well as 6 site-exclusive video clips. Please remember you must be a registered and logged in media archive user to access our collection of video clips — unlogged users will not be able to view said material. All new videos are in .MOV format, which is playable in e.g. VLC and QuickTime. As always, hope you check back with us again next week for coverage from this Sunday’s episode!

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