‘Big Love’ episode 5.05 recap

“Sometimes you have to throw an elbow to get your rightful needs met. You remember that.”
– Nicolette “Nicki” Grant

As always, hope y’all remembered to tune in last weekend to the fifth Season 5 episode of Big Love. Here is the HBO video recap of episode 5.05 “The Special Relationship” from the HBO website:

So what did you think of last Sunday’s episode? Personally, I definitely think the show took a more serious turn last Sunday. Don really took another serious blow for Bill, and the incident finally showed the extent to which Alby is willing to go to bring down the Henricksons. Nicki still seems the most comfortable in the current situation, but with Bill and Barb’s marital rift the entire family could be shaken and torn apart, and I don’t think even Nicki is quite as immune to that as she may appear. None of this bodes good things for the family, certainly not for the next couple of episodes…

Media-wise, though, we’ve updated the gallery today with 215 HD screen captures of Chloë Sevigny as Nicki in the episode, as well as 7 site-exclusive video clips. Please remember you must be a registered and logged in media archive user to access our collection of video clips — unlogged users will not be able to view said material. All new videos are in .MOV format, which is playable in e.g. VLC and QuickTime. As always, hope you check back with us again next week for coverage from this Sunday’s episode!

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