‘Big Love’ episode 5.03 recap

“This Christmas is your new beginning. Our new beginning.”
– Nicolette “Nicki” Grant

Hope y’all remembered to tune in last Sunday to the third Season 5 episode of Big Love. As always, here is the HBO video recap of episode 5.03 “Certain Poor Shepherds” from the HBO website:

So how was this week’s episode for you? Personally, I really thought this episode had some great moments; the ice skating scene was rather nice, and I really enjoyed seeing Nicki and Cara Lynn connect, even if it was on such an unfortunate subject. Overall, I’ve been really happy with where the show’s been going this season; compared to last season’s rather over-the-top twists, this season has focused much more on Bill and the wives as people, and I think the writers have done a pretty good job of tying up some of last season’s craziest storylines. The recent developments around Lois are a great addition to the story as well; her illness is an unwelcome additional burden for Bill yet not one unique to him or polygamy.

Anyway, media-wise, we’ve updated the gallery with 288 HD screen captures of Chloë as Nicki in the episode, as well as 8 site-exclusive video clips. Please remember you must be a registered and logged in media archive user to access our collection of video clips — unlogged users will not be able to view said material. All new videos are in .MOV format, which is playable in e.g. VLC and QuickTime. As always, hope you check back with us again next week for coverage from this Sunday’s episode!

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