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“The umlaut isn't on my birth certificate. I had this book as a child called Chloë and Maude, and there was an umlaut on the e, and I said, I want that! It's a little flair. Just to confuse people even more. People always come up to me and say, Oh, you're Chloë Se-VIG-ny, right? Sevigny. Number seven, letter e.”
— From Esquire, January 2009

Events & Appearances:
1st Annual Morbid Anatomy Museum Gala

Commons & Sense (Jp) issue #48
Interview (US) April 2015
Marfa Journal (US) issue #3
MUSE Magazine (It) S/S 2015
Purple Fashion (Fr) S/S 2015
Self Service (Fr) S/S 2015

Tumblr: chloesevignyonline
Twitter: chloesevignyorg

Note: Chloë Sevigny is on Twitter under the account @OfficialChloeS. The account has not yet been verified, but seems real.

The latest from Chloë Sevigny's Instagram @chloessevigny:

Note: This account has not yet been verified, but seems real.


More in our photo gallery of more than
50,000 Chloë Sevigny photos

• Movies •

In post-production.
Director: Tara Subkoff
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Role: TBA


Filming in Sudbury, Ontario.
Director: Danny Perez
Genre: Horror
Role: Sadie

Black Dog, Red Dog

Premiered at Sundance FF 2014.
Director: NYU students
Genre: Drama
Role: Ali

Electric Slide

In U.S. theaters April 3rd.
Director: Tristan Patterson
Genre: Bio, Crime, Drama
Role: Charlotte

Little Accidents

Out on DVD April 21st.
Director: Sara Colangelo
Genre: Drama
Role: Kendra Briggs

Love & Friendship

Filming in Dublin, Ireland.
Director: Whit Stillman
Genre: Period drama
Role: Alicia

• Television •
American Horror Story: Hotel

Coming October 2015.
Genre: Horror, Drama
Network: FX Networks
Role: TBA


Season 1 on Netflix.
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Network: Netflix
Role: Chelsea O'Bannon

Dr. Del

Pilot begins filming April in LA.
Genre: Drama
Network: TBD
Role: Brandy Sommers

The Cosmopolitans

Pilot pending update from Amazon.
Genre: Comedy
Network: Amazon
Role: Vicky Frazier

Those Who Kill

Canceled by A&E.
Genre: Crime, Drama
Network: A&E, Lifetime
Role: Catherine Jensen

• Other •

Chloë Sevigny book
Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

— Chloë Sevigny

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Currently online

The Fashion Spot forum members report Chloë Sevigny is featured in the newest, April 2015 issue of Interview magazine. The new photos (reportedly only two in the issue) were taken by photographer Josh Olins. A preview of what to expect below (courtesy of TFS’s t-rex):

Keep your eyes peeled for it on newsstands!

“I learned a long time ago you can’t save people from themselves. They either figure it out on their own or they don’t.”
– Chelsea O’Bannon

The gallery has been updated today with a total 144 720p HD screen caps of Chloë Sevigny in Bloodline episodes 1.09, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12. As Chloë appears in no further episodes of the show, this completes our Bloodline gallery. Hope you enjoy!

New Photo Albums:

Television > ‘Bloodline’ Episode 1.09 Screen Captures
Television > ‘Bloodline’ Episode 1.10 Screen Captures
Television > ‘Bloodline’ Episode 1.11 Screen Captures
Television > ‘Bloodline’ Episode 1.12 Screen Captures

An(other) oldie we missed during our hiatus, but we daresay a goodie. Last year, Chloë Sevigny modeled the ad campaign for Korean label a.t.corner’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection, photographed by KT Auleta. Chloë also collaborated with the label on the collection itself. Check out the photos from the campaign in our gallery.

A short behind-the-scenes video from the shoot:

New Photo Albums:

Ad Campaigns > a.t.corner Fall/Winter 2014
Behind the Scenes > a.t.corner Fall/Winter 2014 Photoshoot

Taking a break from Bloodline for a moment, we’ve updated the gallery today with 292 720p HD screen caps of Chloë Sevigny in Those Who Kill episode 1.10 “Surrender. This (sadly) completes our Those Who Kill gallery, since no new episodes of the show are to be expected since A&E canceled the show and moved it to LMN. :( Enjoy the caps, however!

New Photo Albums:

Television > ‘Those Who Kill’ (2014) Episode 1.10 Screen Captures

Check out this home movie-style video by Jordan Bennett of Chloë Sevigny in her previous New York home from 2012. (Chloë has since moved to a new place in Brooklyn, NY.)

Danny: “Is it too late for me to apologize to you? I was… such an asshole.”
Chelsea: “Yeah, you were. A really big fucking asshole.”
Danny: “And I don’t wanna be that. Not… not to you.”
Chelsea: “Then don’t.”

More caps from Bloodline today. The gallery has been updated with a total 104 720p HD screen caps of Chloë Sevigny in episodes 1.06 “Part 6″ and 1.07 “Part 7″. Hope you’re still watching the show! :)

New Photo Albums:

Television > ‘Bloodline’ Episode 1.06 Screen Captures
Television > ‘Bloodline’ Episode 1.07 Screen Captures

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