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"The umlaut isn't on my birth certificate. I had this book as a child called Chloë and Maude, and there was an umlaut on the e, and I said, I want that! It's a little flair. Just to confuse people even more. People always come up to me and say, Oh, you're Chloë Se-VIG-ny, right? Sevigny. Number seven, letter e."
— From Esquire, January 2009

Fanpages (UK), first edition
Grazia (France) June 3rd 2016
Guardian Weekend (UK) May 14th 2016
Malibu Magazine (US) May/June 2016
Porter Magazine (US) Summer 2016
Purple Fashion (France) Spring/Summer 2016
PUSS PUSS (UK) issue #4
Sneeze (US) issue 26
The Ingénue (UK) issue #3
The Wrap (US) Cannes edition
V (US) issue #101 / Summer 2016

Tumblr: chloesevignyonline
Twitter: chloesevignyorg

The websites and social media accounts below have all been confirmed as real by either Chloë Sevigny or the social media websites themselves. All other accounts or websites purporting to be official should be considered fake.

Official Site:
Instagram: chloessevigny
Twitter: OfficialChloeS

The latest from Chloë Sevigny's Instagram @chloessevigny:


More in our photo gallery of more than
60,000 Chloë Sevigny photos

• Movies •

Available on iTunes and VOD.
Director: Tara Subkoff
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Role: Alex Cox


Premiered at Sundance FF 2016.
Director: Danny Perez
Genre: Horror
Role: Sadie

Electric Slide

Available on iTunes and VOD.
Director: Tristan Patterson
Genre: Bio, Crime, Drama
Role: Charlotte

Golden Exits

Filming in New York City.
Director: Alex Ross Perry
Genre: Drama
Role: TBA


Coming soon to Refinery29.
Director: Chloë Sevigny (debut)
Genre: Short Film
Role: N/A

Little Accidents

Out on DVD and VOD.
Director: Sara Colangelo
Genre: Drama
Role: Kendra Briggs

Look Away

In post-production.
Director: Monty Whitebloom
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Role: Carolyn

Love & Friendship

In select US & UK theaters.
Director: Whit Stillman
Genre: Period Drama
Role: Alicia Johnson

Slow Machine

Director: Paul Felten, Joe DeNardo
Genre: Comedy
Role: Chloë (cameo)

The Dinner

Filming in New York City.
Director: Oren Moverman
Genre: Drama
Role: Barbara

The Snowman

Filming in Norway.
Director: Tomas Alfredson
Genre: Crime, Drama
Role: TBA

Untitled Lizzie Borden Project

Director: Craig William Macneill
Genre: Bio, Thriller
Role: Lizzie Borden

• Television •
American Horror Story: Hotel

Reruns on FX.
Genre: Horror, Drama
Network: FX Networks
Role: Alex Lowe


Season 2 on Netflix.
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Network: Netflix
Role: Chelsea O'Bannon

Dr. Del

Pilot; in post-production.
Genre: Drama
Network: TBD
Role: Brandy Sommers

The Cosmopolitans

Pilot; pending update from Amazon.
Genre: Comedy
Network: Amazon
Role: Vicky Frazier

• Other •

Chloë Sevigny book
Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
No Time for Love zine

— Chloë Sevigny

• Details •

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Currently online

Chloë is in Paris!

Earlier today, Chloë Sevigny was photographed at the Kenzo Menswear Spring/Summer 2017 show at Paris Fashion Week in France. The first photos are already trickling in – check them out in our gallery!

More photos, as always, as we find them.

New Photo Albums:

Appearances in 2016 > Paris Fashion Week Kenzo Menswear Spring/Summer 2017 Show on Jun 25

Chloë Sevigny was photographed at The Surf Lodge’s Saturday’s Surf last Saturday, June 11th. Photos in our gallery!

New Photo Albums:

Appearances in 2016 > The Surf Lodge’s Saturday’s Surf on Jun 11


Check out these positively stunning new images from Chloë Sevigny’s feature in the current issue of Malibu Magazine. Love!!

New Photo Albums:

Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #030

As you may have noticed, Chloë’s been in the press a lot lately. It’s been tough to keep up, but here’s a roundup of news and tidbits we haven’t posted about yet. :)

• Chloë Sevigny is on the cover of the very first edition of Fanpages, an annual compilation of single page fanzines edited by Bay Garnett and Kira Jolliffe. The book is published by IDEA Books in Britain and is available for pre-order on their website. Check out a preview of the cover in our gallery.

• Chloë is also featured in the Summer 2016 issue of V magazine as part of their “Stars of Sundance” editorial. Chloë was photographed for the edit by Charlie Engman at Sundance Film Festival, where she was in January promoting her new films Love & Friendship and Antibirth. Check out her feature on the V website.

• Finally, Chloë is featured in the June 3rd issue of French Grazia in a story about this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Check out the scans in our gallery.

• New images from several photoshoots, new and old, have been uploaded to the gallery over the past few weeks. Check out the full list below.

That’s it! :)

New & Updated Photo Albums:

Magazines in 2016 > ‘Fanpages’ (UK) inaugural edition
Magazines in 2016 > ‘Grazia’ (France) June 3 2016
Magazines in 2016 > ‘Grazia Daily Cannes Jour 8’ (France) May 18 2016
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #023
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #024
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #025
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #026
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #027
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #028
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #029
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #031
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #032
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #033
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #034
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #036
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #037
Photoshoots in 2016 > Photoshoot #038

Hope you’ve been watching the new season of Bloodline on Netflix! Here’s our last batch of screen caps of Chloë Sevigny as Chelsea O’Bannon in the newest season, from episodes 2.09 “Part 22” and 2.10 “Part 23”. Enjoy!

New Photo Albums:

Television > ‘Bloodline’ Episode 2.09 Screen Captures
Television > ‘Bloodline’ Episode 2.10 Screen Captures

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the new season of Bloodline on Netflix. :) Here are our screen caps of Chloë Sevigny as Chelsea O’Bannon in episodes 2.05 “Part 18” and 2.06 “Part 19”. Check ’em out when you can!

New Photo Albums:

Television > ‘Bloodline’ Episode 2.05 Screen Captures
Television > ‘Bloodline’ Episode 2.05 Screen Captures

W magazine interview with Chloë Sevigny about aging in Hollywood and her hair and beauty regimen. Check it out on or under the cut.

This is 40: Chloë Sevigny on Her Hair and Aging in Hollywood
by Mia Adorante

A very frank talk with the actress who’s been a style icon—and in front of cameras—since the 90’s. “It’s hard after 40,” she says.

Vibe is something that can be hard to replicate, but the hairstylist Joey Silvestera has managed to transport the cool, casual air of his East Village salon Blackstones to its new iteration, at Tribeca’s Roxy Hotel. How do we know? Because famous clients like Chloë Sevigny are asking questions like: “Do you turn people away? Is this like a nightclub? How do you get such a cool clientele?” Sevigny spent the afternoon with us in the new salon, chatting all the beauty ins and outs—and there are outs—to being a 40-something actress.

You don’t age! What do you do for your skin every day?

I think it’s not having had a baby yet. Because I think the baby wear and tear and stress on your body is part of the reason why people say, “Why do you still look so young?” I really think that that unfortunately ages women, especially when they have children in their 30’s, not in their 20’s. So I think, first and foremost, it’s that and genetics. And then I’m really into all the things they tell you to do, like moisturizing. I go to Dr. Colbert, who is this fancy dermatologist. I haven’t really gone the Botox route yet, but he does lasers and very expensive facials and stuff like that.

Are you into micro-current or micro-needling treatments?

No, there’s this one facial, but I can’t remember what it’s called. Is it the ultherapy? No, that’s the crazy one that hurts. I tried that once and it was the most painful experience. I do lots of moisturizing, lots of water. I don’t do a lot of caffeine. But once I hit 40 [Sevigny is 41], I feel like things are starting to happen now that aren’t very exciting, and I’m starting to get a little scared.

And a little more proactive?

I don’t know that I’m more proactive. I mean, what do you do? Do you let it happen? Or do you start the preventive measures? It’s kind of terrifying. The under-the-eye thing, there really isn’t much to do for that. I also always slept on my side, and now I’m trying to train myself to sleep on my back for these lines [she gestures at her face] and these lines [neck and décolleté]. And with the pillow height, so it’s more with those kinds of things. I mean you’re in bed for what, seven or eight hours a night. That’s a long time! So I’m trying to shift things like that, which are difficult. But it’s hard after 40. Everyone says that once you hit 40. I mean not only that, it’s sort of different things, like the knees.

That they start falling a little bit?

I think so. I mean I was asking Dr. Colbert, “What can you do? I heard Demi Moore had some sort of knee thing.” [Laughs] And he said, “Oh, don’t be crazy Chloë.” But I’m kind of known for my legs. So it’s kind of a terrifying time, but instead of being scared I’m just trying to enjoy it. Because I have lots of friends in their 50s and they say, “If you’re like that, it’s only going to get worse.” So just being confident in your 40s. It’s a big mental thing. I just got back from Cannes and there is so much emphasis on your looks, and fashion, and all that. I’m trying to have a healthy remove, and I’m trying not to beat myself up. And I’m trying to do less photo shoots [Laughs].

Continue reading…

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