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“The umlaut isn't on my birth certificate. I had this book as a child called Chloë and Maude, and there was an umlaut on the e, and I said, I want that! It's a little flair. Just to confuse people even more. People always come up to me and say, Oh, you're Chloë Se-VIG-ny, right? Sevigny. Number seven, letter e.”
— From Esquire, January 2009

BAMcinemaFest on June 25th

Commons & Sense (Japan) issue #48
Harper's Bazaar (US) June/July 2015
Marfa Journal (US) issue #3
Marie Claire (UK) June 2015
MUSE Magazine (Italy) S/S 2015
Purple Fashion (France) S/S 2015
Self Service (France) S/S 2015

Tumblr: chloesevignyonline
Twitter: chloesevignyorg

The websites and social media accounts below have all been confirmed as real by either Chloë Sevigny or the social media websites themselves. All other accounts or websites purporting to be official should be considered fake.

Official Site:
Instagram: chloessevigny
Twitter: OfficialChloeS

The latest from Chloë Sevigny's Instagram @chloessevigny:


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• Movies •

In post-production.
Director: Tara Subkoff
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Role: TBA


In post-production.
Director: Danny Perez
Genre: Horror
Role: Sadie

Black Dog, Red Dog

Premiered at Sundance FF 2014.
Director: NYU students
Genre: Drama
Role: Ali

Electric Slide

Available on iTunes and VOD.
Director: Tristan Patterson
Genre: Bio, Crime, Drama
Role: Charlotte

Little Accidents

Out on DVD and VOD.
Director: Sara Colangelo
Genre: Drama
Role: Kendra Briggs

Look Away

Filming in New York City.
Director: Andy Delaney
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Role: Carolyn

Love & Friendship

In post-production.
Director: Whit Stillman
Genre: Period drama
Role: Alicia

• Television •
American Horror Story: Hotel

Coming October 2015.
Genre: Horror, Drama
Network: FX Networks
Role: TBA


Season 1 on Netflix.
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Network: Netflix
Role: Chelsea O'Bannon

Dr. Del

Pilot; in pre-production.
Genre: Drama
Network: TBD
Role: Brandy Sommers

The Cosmopolitans

Pilot; pending update from Amazon.
Genre: Comedy
Network: Amazon
Role: Vicky Frazier

• Other •

Chloë Sevigny book
Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
No Time for Love zine

— Chloë Sevigny

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Chloë Sevigny attended the 20th Anniversary Reunion of Larry Clark’s Kids at BAMcinemFast in New York City yesterday. Also on hand were among others co-stars Rosario Dawson and Leo Fitzpatrick, writer Harmony Korine and director Larry Clark. Photos, as always, in our gallery!

Update Jun 27: Lots of new photos have been uploaded to the gallery. For those interested, Chloë was wearing Miu Miu RTW Spring/Summer 2015. Here’s also a great clip from the post-screening Q&A:

New Photo Albums:

Appearances in 2015 > ‘Kids’ 20th Anniversary Reunion at BAMcinemaFest on Jun 25

Great interview with Chloë Sevigny from’s The Cut in which Chloë discusses No Time for Love, her new zine about her ex-boyfriends. The full article on or under the cut.

Chloë Sevigny on Exes, Zines, and Taking Back the Tabloid Narrative
By Véronique Hyland

On the heels of her Rizzoli coffee-table book, Chloë Sevigny has put out a decidedly more lo-fi product: a zine called No Time for Love, which features old photos of herself with the men in her life, both ex-boyfriends and family members (whose identities are wryly anonymized by stickers), and a collection of New York Post gossip clippings about herself collected over the years. The confessional, DIY-style zine comes out today.

The Cut spoke to the actress, who was in the midst of filming the indie Look Away, about how the project came together, her feelings on stickers, and how much fun it is to turn the tables on the gossip columns.

Was this your first time making a zine? Or were you involved in the zine culture in the ’90s?

In high school — and yes, I guess that would have been the early ’90s — I read a lot of zines but I was never interested in making one myself. I kind of had a love-hate relationship with zine culture. But Aaron Fabian, this boy who makes these, I can’t even pronounce it, Innen zines, got in touch with me through my friend Rita Ackermann — they’re both Hungarian and she’d done a zine with him and friends of mine had done zines with him. And I’d done a couple other books with Opening Ceremony, which were more [like] look books, which were all my concept, and I did the design. It’s always been so rewarding, the process, and so much fun to do — so when he asked, “Do you want to make a zine? You can do whatever you want to do,” I was like, “Yeah, why not?”

You said you have a love-hate relationship with zine culture. Why is that? Are there things you don’t like about it?

Just the whole idea of it. I don’t want to knock it because I just made one, but it’s just a specific thing, you know? But there are plenty that I love, like Roller Derby and ones that friends made in high school and stuff like that.

Continue reading… reports Chloë Sevigny and Matthew Broderick have joined the cast of the upcoming comedy Look Away, starring Shannon Tarbet:

Matthew Broderick and Chloë Sevigny will star with up-and-coming UK actress Shannon Tarbet in Look Away, a dark comedy being produced by Lucy Barzun Donnelly and Alexandra Kerry of Locomotive Media. Tarbet plays the lead, and Broderick and Sevigny her parents. Andy Delaney and Monty Whitebloom of BigTV! are directing a script by Jennifer Schuur.

Tarbet’s character is an offbeat young woman who is unable to physically see her mother due to a fictional affliction called selective blindness. Alexis Alexanian, Peter Friedlander and Lizzie Nastro will executive produce the film, with New Regency co-financing and exec producing. Production begins June 8 in New York’s Hudson Valley. The relationship between Locomotive Media and New Regency will go beyond this film as they are working out a development deal to hatch more films.

More information on the Look Away IMDb-page.

Chloë Sevigny has released another photobook, this time with Innen Zines. Titled No Time for Love, the zine is “a photobook filled with snapshots from photobooths and candid images of the men in her life, from her father to her first loves.”

Dazed Digital has more:

Could you tell us about your new zine?
Chloë Sevigny: Well, it’s titled No Time For Love. It’s a collection of photos of me with the boys/men I’ve loved through my life. From my father to my first true love to my biggest crush, etc. There’s also a small sampling of gossip about me that’s appeared on Page Six in the New York Post.

What made you want to share these images?
Chloë Sevigny: I just released a book with Rizzoli self-titled Chloë Sevigny, and the process was so fun and challenging that when I was approached to do it I thought why not. Innen Zines has worked with so many friends and artists I admire, for my first I thought it would be a good place to start.

Could you tell us about the images?
Chloë Sevigny: Different friends have taken most of these photos over the years. No permissions had to be granted which was the most exhausting part of doing the Rizzoli book.‎ Some were timed some were photo booths etc. The cover was taken in Philadelphia in a photo booth. The first image with the pink cat was taken in a photo booth in Paris. Both the Polaroids were taken by me or the boy in the photo. My friend Tara Subkoff took one, Bryce Kass took another.

What’s the idea behind putting the stickers on the images?
Chloë Sevigny: The idea was to protect the anonymity of the boys.

Some more images from the book from Dazed Digital:

No Time for Love is available through

It’s been a while since we last had anything on Black Dog, Red Dog, the NYU student project/film collaboration with James Franco which premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2014.

However, has recently published an interview with Jon Matthews, one of the NYU students who directed the film with Franco back in 2012, who says the film might get released sometime this year:

TSJ: What are some projects you have coming up?

JM: I’m freelancing right now. I just signed on to direct my first feature called Slades, and I have a film called Black Dog Red Dog. Ten of us made the film, including James Franco. He was the producer and instructor at NYU. I made it in film school. I got to direct Oscar winner Whoopi Goldberg and Olivia Wilde and others. It is set to be released this year. I’m trying to do a little bit of everything from documentaries to features to writing. I’m writing like crazy — three feature films, five pilots and a season of a Web series. I just churn them out. I also did three different commercials: Chevy, Ford, Castrol motor oil. I entered it into a contest and it ended up getting picked up by Castrol oil. It will be played across the country.

The Internet Movie Database has also updated the film’s release date to “2015”, although an exact release date or how the film will be released remains TBA.

In the mean time, we’ve updated the gallery with 8 new promotional stills of Chloë Sevigny in the film with co-star Logan Marshall-Green. Take a look!

New Photo Albums:

Movies > ‘Black Dog, Red Dog’ Promotional Stills

The gallery has been updated today with 15 digital scans of Chloë Sevigny’s full feature in the May 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Korea. Hope you enjoy! :)

Updated Photo Albums:

Magazines in 2014 > ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ (Korea) May 2014 Scans

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